Home is where the heart is…

Home is where the heart is? Then why do I have to pay so much for it?! Truth be told, home is a dream, a reality, a concept that we buy into. Formed by the pictures we see as children, influenced by the physical structures around us and verified by the environment that we grow up in. A home doesn’t have to be a house and house does not have to be a home. In this piece I’m going to share some home truths about living that will make you think twice about living. (Did you read that sentence twice?)

Over the last few years I’ve moved rooms, houses, cities, countries and even continents! Some of these moves were planned, others – let’s say life guided me towards the next step. Actually, there’s a saying that I live by which is ‘God is the best of planners’ and this is where I put my trust whenever life gives me lemons – I’m not a fan of lemonade! So this brings me to an important point, trust. Trusting yourself, your actions, your intentions before that of those around you. You need to trust and believe in your ability to face the challenges that come with uprooting and moving because believe you me its not that easy. “When are you coming back home?”, I’m asked. I am home.

Most often, people go on holiday for a week or two and think they understand what it’s like to live in, for example, Morocco or Turkey or even Dubai. Some home truths, as Brits or anyone coming in from the ‘western’ world you have certain privileges. You can afford (if you choose) health insurance, the exchange rates work in your favour, you get to CHOOSE where you stay for that short period of time. Life is good, you’re exploring, branching out and learning new things (or so you think you are). It’s all good because after you’ve taken your mind off home and your hectic lifestyle you see how lucky you are, you miss home, the food, the routines. You can’t wait for sanity and a system that works! You hop back onto the plane and spend weeks telling stories and looking back at pictures from your holiday. Now you know what it’s like to live somewhere else, you’re more open minded, you are more (maybe) humble and you absolutely loved it. But let’s be honest you couldn’t wait to get home, switch on the tele and order a takeaway after that long journey; you may have even picked up a Greggs whilst you pit stop on the motorway. Ahh, it’s good to be home.

Even if I try to explain how ‘living away from home’ is not the way to think, you’ll never really understand what I’m saying until you declare that you have no home. You are your home. The emotions, the feelings, thoughts and emptiness of not belonging anymore. What? Where will I sleep, if you’ve got this far and are thinking that- you’ve missed the point. Go get yourself a brew and catch up on some Eastenders, love. Back to the point, you are home. That is what I, now, know as home. It’s costs nothing to think- remember that. Sure, I have a house back in England where I can RESIDE and live for the rest of my life but I wouldn’t call it home, anymore. If I am able to buy my dream house one day, I’d still not consider it home, anymore. Home is just an idea. So the next time someone tells you to ‘go back home’, tell them you ARE home, if you have the heart to say it…

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