Brain Food

This is by far the most important part of this website. We all know that food is vital to our survival, but what about feeding our brain? Is that also part of our human needs or is it something that we have engineered ourselves into believing? In any case, let’s not forget the fact that as life long learners we are in constant need of learning and developing our physical, mental and spiritual being.

BRAINFOOD will cover all your educational needs, based on the National Curriculum of England (UK). It will challenge you in making connections to the real world and in understanding knowledge as a component to understanding, yes that’s right as a singular component. Experience, is paramount in building knowledge and learning and therefore I share with you a lot of personal experiences and ideas on connecting material in order to ensure concrete learning.

I start off by addressing the issue of learning in the modern day classroom and how it has changed since I was at school. I then move onto how I teach and how students are learning in today’s world. Finally, how learning, in an educational setting may look like in the future.

Overall, this section covers the core subjects throughout all curriculum, in all countries across the world. Namely, math, English (or language), science and society (Social studies). These are the key ingredients to understand the world around you and appreciate the knowledge that others bring to the table.

I hope that this benefits students, teachers, parents and anybody who comes across my content.

Below is an example of a journey, a walk through history of my most recent living space, the United Arab Emirates.

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