Let’s eat!

You’ve clicked your way here so let me make it ‘click’ in your mind.

Even whilst in the belly of your mother, you were eating. The day you entered this world, you cried for food. On the day you die, you will most likely have food. No matter how rich or poor, you need food. No matter how tall or short, you need food. No matter what, you need food!

Food is an integral part of culture. When meeting new dishes its always interesting to know where the food originates from, why people use a particular flavour, spice or ingredient. There’s always something to learn.

As a teacher and somebody who loves to travel, I have been very fortunate to learn, eat and experience many foods. I have also picked up other things along the way. Follow my journey(s) and ask me any questions you wish. I’m more than happy to help (if I can).

MEALSS focuses on physical, mental and spiritual nutrition.

Feed your BODY.

Feed your MIND.

Feed your SOUL.

Feed each OTHER.


A bite of everything.