Soul Food

Often, we are so busy feeding our body and mind in order to keep going, keep moving, keep doing the things we need to survive. When’s the last time you took a moment to reflect on your day? When’s the last time you picked up that book that inspired you to take your chosen career path (if you have one). When is the last time that you checked in on yourself to see how you are doing? How you are actually doing?

The soul is a delicate matter, personal to most shared with very few. Only you, yes you, really know who you are. The rest is a bunch of scenarios that take place in real time. You are you’re own vessel- kind of. You see, the body, mind and soul are connected. However, the external are proponents to the internal. Your hair, skin, nails are the first layer, followed by the clothes you wear. Well actually, it all depends on the eye (or mind) that perceives. You don’t have to see somebody to recognize them. Don’t believe me? Ask a blind man how he counts money or solves equations that he cannot see…

SOULFOOD is to help nurture YOU. The real you. The you that you left behind many years ago to go out into this world and show that you can survive, that you do have a place in the auditorium, in the gallery and on the catwalk. Unveil yourself and explore your deeper thoughts, desires and wishes. Take care of yourself internally as well as externally.

What to expect.

A series of talks, explorations of knowledge and how it can benefit and purify the soul. Finding connected meaning and a real focus on emotional intelligence.

Experience is a master. Put your papers away, put your devices down and meddle with your soul, the unedifying enemy of your secret hours.

Nobody knows you as well as yourself and even then you don’t know yourself that well.

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